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Indeed Editorial Team As a high school student

you may want to prepare yourself for the working world by developing and

Here s a few templates we found that perfectly illustrate what a high school students resume should look like Take note

1 Include your personal details The first step is to put your personal details and contact information at the top of th

You can follow these steps to create a resume as a student 1 Use the proper format and structure Before you write you
decide on a format you want .

We’ve analyzed countless high school resumes to discover what would get students job interviews While you may want to
keep reading to high school .

Australia High School Student Resume Apply Now Housed in the College of Education
University School Partnerships for the Renewal of Educator Preparation .

As a high school student.

your resume will be focused on coursework.

extracurricular activities and any experience you’ve gained that make you a great .

High school student resume templates and examples These helpful resume templates and examples are perfect for high scho

1 Start Off With a Strong High School Resume Objective When writing a resume

especially when you have little to no experience like this applicant.

it’s important

Provide facts and figures where possible. If you have received awards or high scores in school.

then provide those figures. If you excelled in a co curricular activity that demonstrates a relevant skill.

then add that too For example
these could be sporting or academic awards 6 Edit and proofread your resume

Mention it on your resume. Extracurricular activities clubs or sports you do outside of class. Languages any languages you study or speak if you speak more than one. Hobbies any interests you have outside of school. 2. Write an outstanding high school student resume objective..

Let’s have a look at a concrete example of a resume objective for this case Correct Example Hard working
responsible high school student looking to contribute a positive and collaborative attitude in the retail field. Math oriented individual with good attention to detail. 3..

McDonald’s resume. While this resume specifically highlights McDonald’s.

it could easily be modified for any fast food chain. The important thing is that students ’ work history includes customer service and interpersonal skills.

the ability to take orders
prepare food.

accept payments.

keep a restaurant clean.

and more..


contribute to and occasionally lead after school planning meetings. Spearhead efforts to recruit and train new student volunteers. 3. Provide a detailed education section. As a high school student.

education and exploration of your interestslike sports or academic clubshave likely been your primary focus

Zoe Applicant Street Jacksonville

123 456 applicant email.com. RETAIL SALESPERSON Bringing energy.

enthusiasm and problem solving skills to any position High achieving student athlete seeking an entry level position in retail


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20 Resume Examples amp Templates for Students Free Guide A step by step guide showing how to write a job winning student
there’s something you need to know

Example Resume High School Student Australia. 100 Success rate. 2646. Customer Reviews. Our best editors will run additional screenings to check the quality of your paper. 4.9 5..

Australia High School Student Resume. Apply Now. Housed in the College of Education.

University School Partnerships for the Renewal of Educator Preparation National Center US PREP provides on the ground support and services to a coalition of university based teacher preparation programs around the country..

How to write a cover letter for a high school student You can use the following steps as a guide when writing your cove

Accomplishments Treasurer

Hope High School Student Council 2018 st Place
Galway STEM Competition .

Audiovisual Club 2018 2021 5 Display your education To list your education you must include the name of your hig

its city and state.

and your expected graduation date..

You should include your high school GPA on the resume if Your high school GPA was really impressive 5 You shouldn’

Profile High school student with recent formal experience helping care for toddlers Dedicated to providing children wi
educational indoor and outdoor activities Bilingual Fluent in English and Spanish 2 Add a pertinent experience sect
skills .

What is the purpose of a resume.

Rodriguez High School.

CA Currently a Junior

Fairfield High School

will graduate June.


Vacaville High School.

Vacaville CA
Class Summary of Qualifications As explained by Talking. Get started for FREE Continue..

Steven Forest Street.


Cell 123 555 student email.com. Qualifications. Highly focused and responsible high school student guaranteed to contribute strongly within a customer service role requiring enthusiasm.

charismatic communications skills

and an exemplary work ethic..

Resume Templates For High School Students Australia 4 7 5 Resume Templates For High School Students Australia

Cashier. This example shows a resume objective for student cashiers An experienced cashier seeking part time employment while completing high school. Excellent mental math and money handling skills. Alongside an enthusiastic and approachable personality.

I have experience in customer service

Corrected high school student resume summary Hard Working High School Senior
years of experience volunteering as the high school office assistant.

providing morning announcements and assisting with student check ins Co president of the Student Debate Club
responsible for planning weekly Tuesday meetings

Denise Walnut Street • Philadelphia.

• 444 555 1212 • denise applicant email com CHILDCARE WORKER Building positive learning outcomes and life skills

responsible student with experience taking care of young children

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